Scott Pilgrim vs The World – Hands-on Preview


I guess the rumors are true. The classic beat ‘em up genre is making a comeback. This is becoming more and more apparent with the reveal of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. You may have never heard of this game, but you can still appreciate what it’s based on and what it’s attempting to do.

This game takes the awesomeness of titles like Double Dragon and River City Ransom and throws in more pop culture and video game references than you can throw gold coins at. Based on the comic book and the movie of the same name, this game looks like it will be one of those great comic cook and movie tie-ins. Copying the same charm and style, it looks as if it will follow every story detail down to the very last page.


Although not a very complex game, it is still a great game to pick up and play. It has a simple control style. 2 buttons is all you need to rock on and whoop ass with Scott and the band mates from Sex Bob-omb. Its 8bit greatness is what makes this game so lovable. All the sprites are taken from the comic book itself and made to come to life in ways few other 2D games ever express. Fans of the comic and upcoming film will have fun playing as Scott and his band mates as they join forces to battle Ramona’s 7 evil ex’s. The first evil ex was shown in the playable section, and by the looks of it, we are in for one hell of a treat. This game will be a total blast when it’s released this summer exclusively on PSN.


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