state of decay
State of Decay – Will it be The Walking Dead game we’ve wanted?

Fans of The Walking Dead television series and especially the comic books have grown accustomed to strong characters making difficult choices while killing off zombies with gusto. However, the games have delivered experiences that varied wildly from expectations.

Telltale’s episodic adventure game shocked everyone with just how gripping the characters were and the darkness that the story explored. Arguably its narrative exceeded or at least matched that of what was expected by viewers. But although it properly captured the terror and finality of a zombie apocalypse, it was very sparse on the action, although what was there was made all the more meaningful.

On the other hand, Activision’s hamfisted rushjob The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct was regarded as an abysmal stain upon the franchise. Zombies, while not the most clever creatures, were made almost useless in their endeavor to attack the player and were far more likely to kill you with laughter by their antics. Encounters that would normally be tense were made humorous by the AI’s penchant for getting stuck on fences and for attacking one at a time.

State of Decay is a game that has you scrounging for supplies, taking on hordes of zombies, and traversing a wide area on foot or in a vehicle. It is due out in June of this year for both Xbox Live Arcade and later PC, and the trailer below can explain itself better than I ever could.

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