Xbox 720: Don’t feed the rumors

There are rumors flying left and right about the “Xbox 720″. Some of them will undoubtedly be true. But which ones?, you may ponder. And that’s where you need to stop yourself.

Ignore every single rumor that rears it’s ugly head about Microsoft’s next console (boy, have the rumors been ugly)- we won’t know anything for sure until Microsoft reveals it to us, presumably on May 21st (oh yay- another rumor).

Personally, I kinda feel the same way about these rumors as I do North Korea- a lot has been said about what North Korea is scheming lately, and no matter how much the evidence points to the contrary of something catastrophic happening in the end, the possibility still exists.

Online-only? No used games? And now there’s a rumor floating around that the console will cost $500, and that a $300 option will be available with some kind of subscription. If any one of these rumors are true, I’ll never even consider buying the new Xbox. I don’t think any of them hold much water (although I wouldn’t be surprised if the console cost $500), but as I said, the possibility still exists.

Frankly, I wouldn’t really care all that much if the “Xbox 720″ was only useable online or if it couldn’t play used games- it would make my decision that much easier come this holiday season when the PS4 is released.

Rumors are rumors though. They hold only the value we place in them. These rumors have gotten so much attention that even if they’re not true, the damage they’ve dealt will remain at least partially un-repaired, even after the console’s release.

So ignore the rumors. Tell your friends to ignore the rumors. Talk about a supposed truth shouldn’t influence you either way to commit to something early- facts should.