iPod Touch Apps – What’s All this Junk?!

I don’t have an iPhone. Shut up. I’ve got the iPod Touch. Like half a billion other idiots I bought the 2.0 software for it because I didn’t read the fine print. Like everything Apple does, it brings me some joy and some pain. Hate when it doesn’t sync, but so glad when it does. I’ve recently been scouring the App Store for stuff to buy (or get for free). I’ve got a ton of junk on my iPod now. Some of it is pretty dang awesome. The rest of it is gonna get ragged on in this post.

Air Sharing (Lite)

This was something I needed at the time, and it wasn’t at all the failure of the program. It worked exactly as advertised. I set up my iPod Touch as a portable web drive (wtf is that?!) and used a little .dll or something called Bonjour (it still shows up in Task Manager sometimes…should I be worried?) I used it primarily to transfer .pdf and .doc files to my Touch to read while I was away from my PC (for numerous reasons). The files got there fine and dandy, but the iPod has a terrible interface for reading. Later on with an update, transferring files of around 2mb total got ridiculously slow. I’m not sure what happened. Global warming or it stopped being free. *rimshot*

Aurora Feint II (Lite)

I played the original without too many RPG elements. I never delved into it much beyond rotate the device, move blocks together and get bonuses. I didn’t even know what to do with the points after you cleared a stage! I didn’t care. I still don’t. So all this stuff they’ve added into with social networking, score posting, and whatever bores the crap outta me. The original game wasn’t too engaging to begin with. I was just bored and it managed to capitalize on the fact that I didn’t really feel like searching for something better.

ESPN Sports Center (FREE)

I used this during the NBA Playoffs. It was nice to be able to see the players stats without breaking away from the game action. Oh, not watching the game on the iTouch, just looking down at the screen. That’ll teach ABC to show all that stats and junk on the screen while I’m watching! I’ll look down not up! Hoping to get a lot of use from this when Football season starts. I mean real football.

Facebook (FREE)

I think this came with the iPod Touch? I don’t know, but I’ve used this twice. Nothing against Facebook…it’s just full of so much junk, and ads. It’s like a Bazaar of feet. It’s stinky now.

Fandango (FREE)

I’ve yet to be in a situation when I have wifi but not a computer and have the need to search for tickets. Although theoretically I could be lazy at the couch and see a trailer for a movie I want to see and want to check showtimes. Hasn’t happened yet. But it may happen.

Flashlight (FREE)

I used this when the power went out in my apartment and I was on the crapper. Saved my life. They should make a version that acts as a blacklight. I’m just joking, that’d be awesome…and gross.

Flight Control ($.99)

Worth the price for when you’re bored and in a seated position. Not really good if you’re not in a calm state. My highest score is 38. You have to guide planes to different runways and landing zones without them hitting each other. You draw a path for them and hope that nothing obstructs it. They’re so slow though…So slow.

IQ Test (FREE)

Something tells me everyone scores abnormally high on this. Or maybe – ZOMG! I’m teh genius! It was one of those apps you download while on the crapper. It was off before the flush.

i. TV (FREE)

I used this when I had Comcrap at my old apartment and wanted to know what was on. I miss having digital cable and DVR, but it substituted nicely. There’s just no need for it now. If they added video clips, summaries and a planner it might be worth the download. As of now its very basic. I’d hate to see it need a pay version for those simple additions.

Ice Road Truckers (Lite)

I don’t know what this game has to do with carrying loads of mining equipment to drilling stations in Alaska. I just know it’s ridiculous hard. It started off well enough, but then I guess I hit the ice. Ridiculousness. If it was this hard to actual be an Ice Road Trucker, I’m pretty sure even they’d give up.

iSlots (Lite)

I got this and started getting hooked. It’s SO simple yet so addicting. I got up to around $5,000 and lost it all. For any other recovering gamblers, give this a shot before heading back to the slots.

Leroy Smith’s iMotivator (FREE)

I don’t know why this is still on here. It’s funny for the first few minutes though. Charlie Murphy needs his own show. Like, now. He’s the Michael Jordan of motivating Michael Jordan!

Lightsaber Unleashed (FREE)

This is the coolest app ever – for thirty seconds. Don’t deprive yourself your 30 seconds of bliss. Grab it now.

Paper Toss (FREE)

The best iPod Touch game ever. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s free awesomeness. I’m the current regional champion by the way. Twenty shots in a row on medium. Beat that. Three in a row on hard. Beat that! Only four in a row on easy…how?

Peggle ($.99)

I have it on my PC, I have it on my DS, and now I have it on my iPod Touch. The only way to get Peggle while on the toilet better than this is a series of mirrors and wireless mouse. At this price I couldn’t say no. For the same price as a colonoscopy from Taco Bell (or ten cents more I forget) you could have Peggle on your iPod!