Non-Gaming Gaming Goodness

Let’s face it, we don’t play games all the time. Sometimes we sit at the computer and stumble around the internet for hours on end. There has to be some sort of direction in this or else we’ll never admit it. Here are somethings you can do that may or may not be gaming related, but are pretty much guaranteed to be fun and/or free. Don’t forget to stand up every hour in order to keep the blood flowing to your legs. Also, there’s no pr0n in this list so go elsewhere. Click some ads on your way out thanks!



A mix of rhythm, strategy and acid, Audiotorium is like a game but a little more laid back. Comprised of its own sound track list that really is something on interest, it’s a very affordable experience for those looking to actively involve themselves in their random mouse clicks. It’s this or reshuffling your iTunes library while on acid and listening to Daft Punk. What? Don’t act like you’ve never done that. And don’t tell me it costs less than $10.99.


Hobnox Audiotool

Alright, this one is completely free and awesome. I’ve never heard of Hobnox and I don’t know what one is. But this could be one of the coolest pieces of online software ever. It’s a completely browser based synthesizer easy enough to get a hold of. I mean, I grasped a bit of what to do within a few hours and I have no music background whatsoever. If you do, that’s great. You’ll get this in no time. You can even save your creations to your profile and send them to people through out the world. Get those songs out of your head already.


South Park Studios

Why did I mention this site instead of something like Hulu? Because South Park is better than all the crap on Hulu combined! Plus Czartim already covered that. Half-assedly I admit. But being able to watch every episode online for free is undeniably awesome. It’s the next best thing to watching it on Netflix, but that costs money. Money you don’t have, right? I didn’t think so. I mean who would pay for South Park? Seriously guys.

Star Wars Soundboard

Alright, alright. Calm down Star Wars nerds. This thing is fun, I admit. But only because you get to ruin pivotal memories and scenes from the iconic franchise in ways George Lucas never intended. Splicing in clips from Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker in an erotic way might get old you think. It doesn’t…very quickly. At least here you’re supposed to laugh. What were the prequels but if not a parody of the devotion some fans had for a Buck Rogers ripoff? Owned.


This was a simple flash game Deftangel turned me on to. It’s pretty basic. Your character automatically runs, and you press a button to jump. That’s it. I’m sure you’re going “Dude, that’s lame. I don’t wanna take a break from video games by playing something lame! *high five’s invisible bro*” Well I’d like to see how far you get on you first try. My record is 2000 km. What? I never said I was good at it. Graphics are simplistic 8bit but well done. I’d like to see you do better!


Comic Wednesdays

Man. When was the last time I read a Superman comic? I don’t even know. Maybe never. That’s not really attesting to the quality of these web ones, even though the art is killer. But it’s free right. There’s a weekly printing you can get of a bunch of other DC weekly installments at comic shops, but I’d rather just check these every week and see what else they do with this concept. It’s not bad really. A simple distraction. Once you start finding multiple distractions like these, your gaming will slip away…

Cat On A Dolphin

Last flash game, I swear. This one is another simple, yet more challenging one. The concept will be hard to grasp at first. It’s in Japanese, but don’t worry about understanding anything. Just release the mouse at the right time to send the cat flying, then catch up to it and grab it. You do this to propel the cat out of the water so it can breathe air. Being a dolphin you don’t need air, right?

Well I hope this post has been as informative and useful as it was for me. Not very. But hey, if my list of crap to do when I’m deathly bored can help or inspire just ONE person, I can retire. And retire rich too. Because hopefully that one person is Bill Gates or Dan Google. Note: I wonder how many people think Dan Google is really the – oh nevermind.