Violence In Video Games: Modern Warfare 2, The Latest Scapegoat

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Nathan Drake and the Secret of Metascores

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‘Slim’ Chance for new Xbox 360 in 2010

A redesigned slim model of the Xbox 360 is not necessarily a banker for 2010, but 'slim' idea is beneficial for Microsoft's business model.

Microsoft: The Blight of PC Gaming

Microsoft may not seem averse to PC gaming to the casual observer. However on a deeper look it is clear the software giant means to expand its console instead.

SAW The Game: A Media Disaster in the Making?

Doesn't take much to get the Media riled up about video games. Begs the question as to why even give them a match for the fire? Is Konami's title a loaded gun?

Why The Sony PSP Had To “Go”

The PSP Go's lack of a UMD drive is controversial but not surprising. It was a hindrance of the platform, but will new hurdles face the fledgling device?

Halo 3: The Nickel & Dime Generation

If you were trying to the think of the most expensive games to play, Rock Band or a monthly fee MMORPG would come to mind. But Halo 3 is right up there too.

The Cardinal Sins of Multiplayer Gaming

Why do they do it? Take tall the fun out of playing with others. You've encountered them, dealt with them, been on the same team as them.

The Best Video Game Menu Music of All Time

The Main Menu has been neglected in video games for decades. We take a look at the best video game main menu music of all time. Remember the magic.