Handheld Games To Hold On To

Turn back the pages to 1998, a golden year for every child in America. The Gameboy Color is hot on store shelves and every kid who isn’t color blind from the old one is lining or buttering up their parents to ...

The game show genre has always been shaky in video games. Not only are you not actually competing for cash prizes, but you're stressing your brain.

iPod Touch Apps – What’s All this Junk?!

I've got a ton of junk on my iPod Touch. Some of it is pretty dang awesome. The rest of it is gonna get ragged on in this post.

This just in - pc gaming is awesome. L33t gamers roll their eyes and as I enjoy the benefit of my new gaming rig. Don't worry, its awesome.

Generation Gaps

As gamers we tend to have issues comparing old to new. Whether it be the old gamer not liking the latest blockbuster or the new gamer hating on a classic.

Cinematic Gaming [evolved]

Cut-scenes have been around a long time in the world of gaming. It is nothing new, but now are far different than what a lot of us remember seeing years ago.

Video game plots have progressed from the early days of "save the princess," and some have come to the point of rivaling blockbuster movies in story telling.

Old-School/New-School – When Worlds Collide

I’ve been a gamer ever since I can remember standing up. I know we got an Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) when I was really little, and even though I couldn’t comprehend why I was killing a giant fire ...

PC Gaming Essentials: Xfire

It's not uncommon to hear people complain about the complicated nature of PC gaming. I find that they're often about very overstated issues.

Protesting Video Games: Ineffective & Irrelevant

In the past, politicians, the media, and a certain lawyer in particular have given video games a bad rep. But they are nothing but white noise.