SAW The Game: A Media Disaster in the Making?

This week we received yet another dose of what we as gamers have come to love oh so much: another worthless movie cash in game. This time it just so happens to be one based on the series that helped birth the vile genre of torture porn that is SAW. Most true gamers will ignore this release much the same we ignore other shovelware like GI Joe The Movie: The Video Game, Transformers The Movie The Video Game, Hannah Montana The Movie The Video Game, etc, etc, etc. but this one is a bit different, for a few reasons.

I’m sure you can all recall the scrutiny the industry came under when Fox News became aware of a certain sex scene in Mass Effect, or the infamous proclamation of GTA as a “murder simulator”. Not to mention the global outrage from watchdog groups over Manhunt; suffice to say, this industry is under a microscope at all times for no damn reason, constantly taking shots from anyone with a talk show who can fake outrage as easily as they can breathe. We need to justify our every decision, our every plot devise, our every concept or we stand to be crucified by these media forces who hold power for reasons I’m not even sure God understands.

That said, imagine if you will, a lull in the news some time in the future, where one of these douche bags stumbles over this heap of crap that no one will likely even buy. I’m guessing things would go a little like this…

“Well, well, look what we have sitting here ripe for the picking. Could it be? A video game company released a “torture porn simulator”!? Little children will play this and become horrific murderers! The Earth will stop revolving and The End Times shall be upon us! Such horror, this could be worse than universal heath care!”

I picture this going on for days on end and we the gamers, who could give less than a crap that this game even exists, have to pay the price for a greedy developer trying to capitalize on what may be one of the dumbest licensing decision I have ever witnessed in my life. Imagine if we lose mature content from a really good game in the future because of these jackasses peddling this crap? Imagine that and tell me it doesn’t piss you off just a little bit. While this scenario might not happen and from all indications the game is nowhere near as perverse and violent as the films and are. In fact its more of a puzzle solving affair in which apparently you can play the entire thing with out committing a single murder. The actual content of the game doesn’t matter to these so called “news men” with which I preface this little scenario. All that matters is the character of the source material which renders the decision to make this game incredibly stupid.

The risk alone that it could be used against the industry is cause enough not to make it, combine that with the fact that to most gamers it will be looked upon as worthless shovelware just compounds the offense. Take the games previously mentioned. Mass Effect was justified and an amazing feat of game development, GTA was justified and redefined open world gaming, Manhunt well, lets ignore that one. But there isn’t a single person on Earth with half a brain who would even attempt to justify the need for a video game based The Saw series of ultra violent, ultra sadistic movies. Most I reckon when proposed the idea of A Saw video game would respond much the same way, that being…. “Are you f’in serious?”

Even if it were about flowers and kittens, just hearing the title alone, Saw The Video game, just doesn’t sit right.

So Konami, really, Saw The Video Game? Just why?