Top 5 Games To Play With a Girlfriend

Most guys know that finding a girl who actually enjoys to play games is kind of tough.  Growing up a gamer, I saw many girls over the years that were turned off by my hobby, so I can understand why guys freak when they see a girl join a Halo 3 match.  Luckily, I have a girlfriend that not only loves games, but is actually quite good and can keep up with me.  Anyways, I thought it would be a good idea to throw together a short list of games you should play with your girlfriend.  Show her a good time in the living room, and maybe she’ll show you a good time in the bedroom.


5. Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings – Okay, so why is this crap game on the list?  Think of it in the same way that it is a blast to stay up late watching B-Movies with friends.  My girlfriend and I popped in this turd of a game, not knowing what to expect, and I must say…we had a fun time.  This fun time was not brought on by actual good gameplay though, it was the bad game design and odd glitches that had us laughing our ass off the entire night.  At one point in gameplay, the camera got stuck on a wall and we had to actually reset the game.  Overall, the game is best used as a coaster; but if you use your imagination you can have fun on some boring Sunday afternoon as well.

4. Mario Kart Wii – This is a no-brainer on the list.  Ever since the SNES days, Mario Kart has a been a franchise that is great alone but about ten times better with friends.  While this is a competitive game, I think playing online with a girlfriend is actually more fun when you work together.  Seeing as you are ranked and you girlfriend isn’t, it doesn’t  matter if she gets first or not, so to your advantage you could use her as a spotter.  What role does your girlfriend play, you ask?  Well as a spotter, when she is close by, she can save her items, and make sure to take out any people that are getting in your way.  I know that MK Wii hasn’t been my favorite in the series, but double teaming random people around the world is some of the most fun you will find on the Wii.

3. Wii Sports Resort – Just picked this up a few weeks ago, and we are freaking addicted.  Nothing is more fun than taking a few whacks at eachother in Swordplay.  When I said Mario Kart Wii was more of a fun game to play and help each other, Resort is more about letting your competitive side out.  Seeing who is better with a blade, who has the steadiest hands in Archery, or who can throw the most 3-pointers in a basketball contest is a blast.  While this title is about as casual as it gets, you will find yourself having more fun than you think.

2. Guitar Hero/Rock Band – What’s better than playing a music/rythm game with your best buddies?  Playing it with your girlfriend, of course!  Playing these games with three other guys, we always argued over who played what, what songs to do, etc.  When I play with my girlfriend, she just says, “Whatever you want to play.”  Sure your girlfriend may not be as good as your greasy haired, pizza-faced buddies, but at least she’ll be a hell of a lot more fun to look at.


1. Resident Evil 5 – Playing RE5 with my girlfriend was probably the most fun I have had gaming all year.  We had a damn good time killing zombies, running from giant crocodiles, and saving the world from Wesker.  Although, my only gripe was that the game was too short, it was definitley a game that was more about quality than quantity as far as length is concerned.   This was the best co-op experience I think I have ever had, however, this all may change when I get a hold of New Super Mario Bros Wii.

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