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Halo Legends: The Babysitter

The Halo Legends anthology is an anime-style adaptation of the Halo series consisting of seven short films animated by five different Japanese production houses. The Babysitter is the first installment of Halo Legends which was recently released on Halo Waypoint for a limited time.

Animated by Studio4°C, The Babysitter tells the story of four Helljumpers, sent on a mission to eliminate a key covenant prophet on a distant planet and to photograph ancient architecture that predates both the humans and the Covenants. Their biggest concern being the Spartan sent to accompany them on this mission. The Babysitter focuses on the rivalry between the Spartan-II Commandos and the ODST.

The story starts off on the Destroyer DD-933 where MSgt Cortez and his team are briefed on the mission at hand and informed that they are to be accompanied by Spartan Cal-141. Minutes later they are dropped from orbit in their HEV’s onto an unknown Covenant-held world. Checkman, a member of the team, is killed after his Drop Pod collides with an asteroid and enters the atmosphere sideways. After landing, the remaining team consisted of Dutch, O’Brian, Cortez, and Cal-141. O’Brian felt that this entire mission was an insult to his abilities after being delegated as back up and seems to spend the entire movie being rescued numerous times by Cal-141. When they first land, O’Brian’s SOEIV (HEV) crashes into a pond and while the rest of the team struggles to get to him, Cal-141 effortlessly walks in and tosses the SOEIV out of the water like it was nothing more than a toy. After a quick stare down between Cal-141 and O’Brian, they were on their way. As they traverse through the woods, they come across a pack of grunts that they kill silently and meticulously, like they are trained to do. Just before they kill the last grunt, a Brute Chieftain shows up wielding a gravity hammer.

After an epic battle between Cal-141 and the Chieftain, with a busted eye and a face only a mother could love, the Chieftain is thrown over the side of the waterfall. O’Brian is tossed to the side during the altercation and is sent over the side of the waterfall, only to be saved again by Cal-141, who carries him off like a baby. After a days walk the group finally makes it to where they are taking the shot. As Cal-141 is about to take the shot, the Chieftain from earlier returns and attempts to kill O’Brian. Cal-141 saves him at the last second and ends up taking the blow from the Chieftain’s hammer. The ODST’s tackle the Chieftain to the ground and Cortez shoots the Brute in the eye with his M7S. Cortez goes to Cal-141 and takes off the destroyed helmet only to find that this bad ass Spartan is a girl. Cal-141 yells at O’Brian to take the shot, which he does after minimal hesitation and the Prophet is taken out. Cal-141 then hands Cortez a memory chip with the data from the mission and tells him to take it to Dr. Halsey. Cal-141 dies and the team returns to the Destroyer where they are congratulated by Berger for stopping the Covenant supply chain for the entire arc sector.

Making a film of Halo in anime-style isn’t the best idea in the world but it turned out rather well. If it had been done more like Vexille it would have been perfect only because the animators would have been able to give the characters more detail. This lack of detail causes the characters to come off as being really bland, with no attitude or personality. Cal-141’s walk through the water reminded me of how all girls walk in anime. Short, dainty steps. The Spartan’s armor was very plain and seemed out of proportion. While Studio4°C did an awesome job with the backgrounds, they just didn’t follow through with the different characters. Other than that, The Babysitter was awesome to watch.

The next film, Duel, will be released on November 21.

The Pit
The Pit

The short sounds interesting. I wonder how different it will be from the next one though.


This sounds very animatrix. Cool idea though, makes me want to read the books even though they are unrelated.