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I Love You, Man Review

Your buddies. Your homies. Your crew, your posse, your friends. It’s always cool to hang out with the dudes, but what if you never had a male friend? What if your entire life was spent in the company of women, and what kind of hell would that be for someone? What would they even look like? What would a movie be like if they even tried? I Love You, Man is a film for anyone who’s ever asked “is it possible for two men to fall in love without being gay?” The answer – dude wait what?

There seem to be a lot of comedies lately making light of some common masculine issues. The 40 Year Old Virgin dealing with – well self explanatory really. Knocked Up and how it dealt with being a baby daddy and how sometimes it takes entirely awkward drunk sex to build a lasting relationship (wat). Role Models and dealing with children who are probably smarter than you are now let alone when you were a kid. This movie deals with one’s inadequacy of being an all around cool dude, or even having a male friend. Paul Rudd’s character Peter Klaven has just proposed to his smoking hot girl friend Zooey (played by smoking hot Rashida Jones) and he has no best man. Rather than accept this and just ask his brother (Andy Samberg) to do it, he goes on a quest for a bro. Hilarity – no wait – Brolarity – ensues.


For those who don’t know, Paul Rudd was in such films as Anchorman, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. He was good in all those so it’s only safe to assume he’d be good in this. One person whose performance I was greatly surprised by was Jason Segler as the bro, Sydney Fife. I had only remembered seeing him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall which was all around forgettable except that it had Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell. He manages to be the believable bro that doesn’t try to act too cool or too bro, bro. This is one of those comedies that was completely well cast. I couldn’t really imagine anyone’s role being changed and it working the same way. That goes for the ancillary characters as well who each manage to keep you from focusing too much on the bromantic relationship of Rudd and Segler.

Bringing your fiancee` to a Rush concert a bro-no.

This isn’t really a romantic comedy. It sort of is, but even while Peter and Zooey’s marriage is looking doubtful, you’re still more concerned about the bros doing another Rush song. Rudd does an awesome job of making every scene with Segler seem intentionally awkward. He throws out some crazy dumb nicknames and uses some jokes that would probably cause most friends to disassociate from you instantly. Luckily for Peter, Sydney is the kind of dude who’s laid back enough to not be weirded out by it.

"You're going the right way for a smacked mouth, Money-Pussy."

This was one movie that you almost think you have pegged as soon as you see the trailer, but it really surprised me at how well thought out it was at times. Even jokes that I don’t normally laugh at I found myself do so here. For example two guys singing, badly. Not normally funny to me no matter how badly they sing, but it worked for me here. I would advise you to check it out lest Lou Ferigno put you into a sleeper hold.