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Trick ‘r Treat Review

Written and directed by Michael Dougherty (think Superman Returns), Trick ‘r Treat is the perfect Halloween movie. Its only downside being that it had the misfortune of being born a decade too late when the only films people care about are cheap remakes and sequels. For those of you who don’t know, Trick ‘r Treat was completed back in 2007, and welcomed by overwhelmingly positive reactions only to be locked away by Warner Bros. for one reason or another. Much to the chagrin of the public, the guys at WB jerked around for two long years before finally deciding to release it. Circumstances aside, Dougherty has created an excruciatingly original horror film that is impossible to hate.

Trick ‘r Treat follows four interwoven stories that occur on the same particularly spooky night. Five stories if you want to count the very opening scene. Following the old tale that the rituals of Halloween are done to protect us from the evil of mischievous demonic dead, several people get taught a horribly terrifying lesson when they don’t follow these traditions. Keep in mind that this movie back tracks, a lot. You get through one story just to be dumped back at the beginning to follow another one. Where does it end? Back at the beginning.


Right off the bat someone gets murdered. Is there really any other way to start off a horror flick? I think not. This first bit continues to get explained throughout the movie and you get dumped back at it in the end. In the first story, we have Charlie, a greedy troublemaker looking to steal all the candy from the neighboring houses. Lucky for the viewers he picks the wrong one and ends up at the home of school principal/serial killer Steven who is more than willing to share his candy with the kid. Jump across town and you will meet a group of twenty-something year old girls who are looking to bag some guys. One girl in particular, Laurie, is still a virgin who finds herself a definite catch. The only problem is he moonlights as a vampiric murderer who is leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake, but that’s all fine because these girls all have a huge secret of their own.

The third tale involves a group of trick-or-treaters who decide to play a nasty trick on their nerdy classmate Rhonda. These kids take things a little too far and end up learning more than they bargained for about the town’s infamous urban legend. Lastly we end up following a grumpy old hermit named Mr. Kreeg. This guy has absolutely no Halloween spirit and more than a few skeletons in his closet. These things come back to haunt him in a big way. Now, that creepy little kid on the cover, he’s all over this film. His name is Sam and he seems to be Halloween’s answer to Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny. You see him as a spectator in some of the stories and he plays a big part in one of them. I have to say though that my favorite part was the end only because that pumpkin kid was awesome as all hell. It makes me not want to stand next to my bed for fear of getting some tendons cut by the monster hiding under it.

Dougherty has set out to make this the definitive Halloween movie. The only film to out-do it, of course, would be “Halloween”. And no, I don’t mean the Rob Zombie rip-off. I am referring to none other than John Carpenter’s immortal classic. Although any scary movie that takes place on Halloween pretty much sells itself, this movie is actually worth the money. A tad short on running time, this movie is incredibly detailed in every aspect with an awesome score by Douglas Pipes. It will definitely leave you in the Halloween spirit and wanting much much more.


I just watched this last night. It wasn't scary but it was very well done. Had the right blend of creepiness and atmosphere that made it work so well. Keeping everything related but diverse also had a great impact. Piecing it together by the end was a great "Ah ha!" moment, even if it wasn't so secretive.


I have to see this movie. Went completely under the radar and is now making a lot of buzz since release. Big studios suck dicks for not letting movies like this in theaters. Stupid damn fools only care about money and won't give a chance for different things like this movie seems to accomplish so well.