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Possible Taxi Driver remake in the works

For those of you who don’t know, the original Taxi Driver was one of the films that made Robert De Nero famous. Now it looks like Danish director and screenwriter Lars Von Trier is in talks to remake the 1976 classic Taxi Driver.  A Copenhagen magazine, Ekko, has reported that while Scorsese was attending the Berlin Film Festival he had also met up with the Danish director to talk about the possibility of creating a Taxi Driver remake.   The magazine also went on to say Taxi Driver would be starring Robert De Niro once again — to me this sounds more like speculation than truth seeing as how Scorsese is only in talks for this remake.   When Ekko tried to reach Von Trier’s colleague Peter Aalbek he neither denied nor confirming this report only stating there would be an official announcement made public shortly.  My guess is that if this is actually true Scorsese would be making the announcement himself when he gets back from Berlin where is he attending the premier of his new movie Shutter IslandTaxi Driver won the Palme d’Or and was nominated for 4 Academy Awards including Best Picture.  To make a remake of the movie would be interesting only if De Niro starred and Scorsese oversees the development.  If not for these two men participating in this project; it may just be another remake failure.  To be honest though I would take a straight up sequel directed by Scorsese and starring De Niro in lieu of a remake directed by someone else.