The Ugly Truth – Movie Review

Having just watched The Ugly Truth yesterday, I’ve finally had a revelation as to what it truly means: Katherine Heigl cannot act.

‘Drag Me To Hell’ Review

Sam Raimi has been involved with the horror genre ever since we knew his name, but has the director stayed in his Marvel web too long to affect real scares?

Pixar’s ‘UP’ Review

Throughout their 14 year history, seemingly everything Pixar touched turned gold. UP however, stands out as their most moving and greatest achievement to date.

I Love You, Man Review

Your buddies. Your homies. Your crew, your posse, your friends. It’s always cool to hang out with the dudes, but what if you never had a male friend? What if your entire life was spent in the company of women, ...

Coraline Review

It's aimed at kids, but is it a kids movie? Unsettling subject matter yet a dreary but lighthearted tale allows Coraline to bridge the gap between worlds.

Obsessed Review

Lord have mercy. Have mercy lord. What a film. It was Jaws but instead of a great white shark, there was a hot white woman. I had waited to see this on DVD because I wasn’t going to pay to see this in ...