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The Eve – Interview with screenwriter Evan Bass

Been a long time since we’ve had a new post, but when the content is this good I just have to share it! Below is an interview with Actor/Writer/Producer Evan Bass, who is a huge part of long time independent film director Ritchie Filippi’s latest feature film The EveTheEveMovie.com

What is it like moving from a light-hearted comedy like We Need Girlfriends to a much darker piece?

It is a bit of a difference. Same basic approach, but instead of laughing after a take or being able to goof around a little more on set, the atmosphere is what you would imagine. A little … darker. Add to it that WNG filmed mainly in the spring and summer and The Eve was filmed in the dead of winter, with the lowered temperature, the snow and sleet, and the silence all around, it adds to a slightly more ominous atmosphere.

How would you compare your characters? 

Comparing Rod to Harry? They both share a passion for what they do, but I would say that Rod is imbued with confidence while Harry is easy to rile up and though he tries to be confident, it is a facade. Rod… probably would not know what the word facade means.

Can you tell us what The Eve is about?

The Eve centers around four friends that travel out to Martha’s Vineyard to spend New Year’s Eve. The house is isolated far down a dirt road in the middle of the woods, in cold ass winter. It is desolate and alone, and well, bad things start to happen. What starts as a trip to reconnect with old buddies turns into a fight to survive the night.

You wrote the script, so is it safe for us to assume you survive?

Nothing is ever safe to assume. The script was written to play out as people would really react. There are no action heroes. These are reactions that you or I might take if we were in this situation. Things don’t always turn out as expected.

Though I wrote the script, it is written with the best story we could tell in mind. Maybe my character does survive; maybe none of them do. I guess you’ll just have to watch it to see.

On a scale of Scary Movie 5 to The Exorcist, how many hours of sleep will I lose after having seen this?

It depends where you fall on a scale of me to fellow producer Angel Acevedo. If you fall on my side, you may sleep with the lights on for a few days. If you side more with Angel, a horror buff, then you’ll probably be fine. To note, I may or may not have literally jumped off the couch in surprise while I was watching Aliens.

What are some of the challenges that come with working in the horror film genre?

The biggest low-budget horror film challenge was balancing the amount of action you want in the film with the number of days and equipment you have. Going from day to night shoots, battling changing weather conditions, and trying to make the best movie possible with what you have is insanely challenging. Looking back, I am not sure how we got through some days, but we did. We worked as a team, and we got some really amazing footage out of it.>

Another big challenge was finding time to sleep. We shot days and nights, and though we stuck to turnaround times, the work of a producer/writer is never done and we had many late night meetings. I definitely fell asleep in the middle of on-going activity at one point.

How can readers get a chance to view The Eve? 

Readers can follow us on Facebook (facebook.com/TheEveMovie) or on Twitter (@TheEveMovie). They can also check out our homage series of movie posters on our Website, TheEveMovie.com. We will be releasing a teaser trailer in the near future and just might be in a festival near you very soon!