PS4 vs. Xbox One: The Exclusive Games

Portrait of teenagers playing video games in the living-room

We’ve all grown used to a gaming industry that allows us all access to various popular games. Just think of the different ways in which you enjoy games accessible to the entire world:

    • You download electronic apps featuring everything from popular, old school gaming options like Tetris, to brand new innovations like “Infinity Blade” that feel high-tech enough to belong on consoles.


    • You join in on massive online multiplayer communities with your gaming consoles, playing sports games, live-action shooters, etc. with and against opponents from all over the world.


    • Now, you can even enjoy an online gambling experience with real opponents. At BetFair Exchange, you’ll find everything from classic card tournaments that remind you of Vegas casinos, to arcade games like a soccer penalty shootout, all with real competition and money on the line.


Basically, when you add it all up, some of our best gaming experiences these days are available to all of us, through various different means. But with incredible next-gen consoles on the way, this is about to change, to some extent. With the Xbox One and PS4 on the market, there will be a few new exclusive games, available only to one console or the other. Here are the top 3 for each machine we’ve heard about so far.


    1. Titanfall – Developed by the people behind the Call Of Duty franchise, “Titanfall” is a future warfare game allowing players to control human “pilots” or mech “titans.” The game looks like a blast, and specifically the multiplayer has us intrigued. The game’s own site mentions a “next-gen” multiplayer that will blend traditional multiplayer with campaign modes.


    1. Ryse: Son Of Rome – This Crytek adventure is ideal for fans of historical games and live action campaign modes. Players control Marius Titus, a rising general in a cruel, semi-realistic ancient Rome.


    1. Halo 5 – Details are relatively few and far between (including those regarding the actual title), but when this game comes out in 2014 it’s safe to say it will be a huge deal.



    1. Drive Club – Playstation’s new driving game focuses on street racing, rather than track or off-road environments, and emphasizes community. Apparently, the game will allow you to organize massive online multiplayer races and tournaments.


    1. The Order: 1886 – Perhaps PS4’s answer to “Ryse,” this should satisfy gamers’ thirst for adventure. Enter Victorian London and take your place in “The Order,” a faction protecting mankind from supernatural enemies, using only the industrial revolution era weapons tech.


    1. Knack – This cartoonish looking game puts players in the role of Knack, a short boy who must protect humanity from goblin invaders by use of mystical powers. It’s a light, fun concept said to fully utilize the PS4’s graphic and game size capabilities.