School History

Couch Campus was established in April 2008 with the simple goal of converting every gamers’ living room furniture into a gateway towards understanding. Its founders, Brian (Phaethon) and Corey (Hollowman) sought to expand their horizons, extending the school’s vision from just them, they brought in others with similar mindsets. They too seeking the awesome secrets of interactive experience, a culmination of wills was formed, into the easiest and cheapest medium available: the internet.

So, as you can see before you, their vision has come to fruition. But it is not yet complete. A wary storm of doubt clouds the landscape, speeding steadily onward to douse the last glimmer of gaming unity. For now comes a time when journalists do not merely hand down their opinions to the masses. The masses rise up, and toss them back, criticizing those who would be seen as gods.

With millions of couches across America, and millions more around the globe, Couch Campus is the largest university in the history of mankind. Who you are, what you play and when you play it is not important. It is where you do it. Even if you do not physically game on your couch, you are considered a distance learner. No opting out.