Dreamcast 2 Launch Report (lol)

Sega made good on their potential. 9/9/09 was a stealth launch to remember. The Dreamcast 2 release event just happened mere minutes ago. It was a momentous occasion, one that none of us will soon forget. For those who did not believe and missed out, here’s what everyone else is enjoying right now. Unfortunately though, Sega sold off most of its franchises in a secret auction in order to fund the stealth launch of the DC2. However, they have some fine quality similar products available at discount prices!

Spirit Competency: We all loved Soul Calibur. This is even better! In this rigid yet frugal fighting game, you test your wits again a horde of ornery opponents destined to…die. The game is so far very easy, and changing the difficulty modes only makes the announcer say the difficulty at the main menu. The announcer who by the way sounds like a homeless dude, but I’m sure they used a quality cast. Now to think of it, I think everyone in this game is the same as the announcer. Even the women. It’s probably nothing.


The game features a large cast of characters, but all must be unlocked. This is a bit of a hassle as the Sega Ultimate Communications Component System (S.U.C.C.S.) costs $5 per megabyte. They decided to forgo the need for a pay system for content, but ask that you cover the server costs. Unfortunately each character is four megabytes so…

Shamu: Yu Suzuki retired, killing off any chances for a Shenmue III. However, that didn’t stop Sega from getting a bunch of college students who slightly remember the original from doing a reboot of the franchise. In Shamu, you actually play as Shamu. I don’t know how they planned to explain the plot. They make several references to your character needing to return to Sea World, but he’s Hellbent on avenging his father’s murder.


The controls are pretty good actually. The game play is engaging, and even more responsive than the original. It’s a fun game, but don’t expect much exploration. You must return home after about fifteen yards of traveling or you will dry up in the sun. Even when it rains and you can travel further at your leisure, some areas are closed off due to Shamu not being able to fit inside buildings. We weren’t able to progress far, but it did strike a pretty big impression of us.

LESS GRANDIA II: I’m not sure if this was a reboot, a sequel or maybe a prequel? But it’s like everything we expect from a JRPG but worse. Despite nearly missing launch for heavy localization, the game is entirely in Japanese. The gameplay involves you leading your party through what we guess are a subnet of caves. We aren’t sure about the story, or even the controls. The graphics are a bit lackluster. Definitely the weakest of the launch line up.


UPDATE: We received word from Sega that the entire batch of LESS GRANDIA II US copies were mistakenly shipped with BETA code from Grandia 3. There’s no word on a replacement policy or refund at this time.

So that was the Dreamcast 2 launch! How will you remember it? I’m looking forward to the titles that didn’t quite make launch like Sonic: Fast Food Adventure and PolygonalGuy. Thank you 9/9/09! Today was better than Christmas!

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