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Call of The Crusade (WoW Patch 3.2)

From the War Journal of Elvon, Blood Elf Paladin

Bal’a dash, malanore!

The Drums of war thunder once again. My Fellow heroes and I must travel to the distant land of Nothrend and gather our forces in Icecrown. Before we can battle against the Litch King and his Scourge army we must answer the Call Of The Crusade. The Argent Crusade is beginning to mount their offensive strike against our common enemy Arthas.

First we must prove ourselves in the Argent Tournament, our comrades in the crusade have captured the greatest foes of Azeroth and thrown them into the newly built Colosseum, they call the Trial of the Champion. I have been called to the great Colosseum and fight on my noble steed to prove my worth before Warchief Thrall and the leaders of the Horde, May the light give me strength when our strike against Arthas comes to fruition, so that I may hold my own in battle. In the Trials of the Champion I have fought many foes, Sentinels from Darnassus, Dwarfs from Ironforge, Guards from Stormwind, and those retched Gnomes. Nothing brings more pride to my heart than to hear my fellow Blood Elves cheering for me in the Colosseum. GLORY TO THE SIN DOREI’!!!

In my travels I have noticed a few changes in the land. In my recent battles in Wintergrasp, I have noticed that my Horde brethren have joined all of our 40 man squads into one big war effort. Our victories over the cowardly Alliance have been swift and ruthless. The Explorers of Azeroth have discovered a new Island rich with strategic value and full of resources, they call it the Isle of Conquest, Our Dalaran hosts have added a gateway portal to the island to guarantee safe travel. This God forsaken Island has 40 Horde and 40 Alliance battling each other with Goblin machinery in hopes that this new stronghold will be our saving grace for our final battle. It seems that even in our time of great peril the stubborn forces of the Alliance cant seem to see the importance of letting the battle hardened Horde control that land undisputed.

My Tauren Comrades have changed the way they look in their, hmmmm dare I say it primitive Cat and Bear forms. A glorious Blood Elf like my self wont be caught dead as one of those flea bitten beasts! But I must say they really bring out the Tauren pride with their beast forms. Those good for nothing Night Elves have also gone the way of the Tauren and freshened up their beast forms.

In what I’ve experienced my good old flying mount has finally stretched its wings and can now fly faster, by my calculations I say that he can fly up to 150% faster than my running speed rather than the 60% from before.  The Brown skin Orcs from thralmar have sent me a letter letting me know that he will train me in the Artisan riding skill for 5000 gold. Since I am at exalted standings with them I hope they can give me a discount.

In all my travels and battles I have learned a lot of myself and my people. I must excuse myself for I am being summoned to the Isle of Conquest.  Selama ashal’anore!!!



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