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iPhone App Store Review Blowout

Developing for the iPhone presents a new set of challenges. With only the touch screen and the accelerometer for controls, here’s how these games held up:

Game – Aurora Feint: The Beginning
Overview – Call it a mix between Puzzle Quest and Planet Puzzle League with a unique iPhone twist. Create a character and travel the map completing puzzles using the touch screen; if you get in a bind you can always turn your phone to have the blocks slide in a different direction.
Pros – Great graphics, fun game play, free.
Cons – No multiplayer (future versions will as it’s being developed as an mmo), sometimes the controls are iffy.
Grade – A-
Price – Free!
Worth it? Absolutely!

Game – Black Jack (3-Hand)
Overview – There are 10 Black Jack games for the iPhone, while there are a few available for free, I chose the cheapest that featured the most hands. The controls are completely touch based and simulate real 21 by allowing you to tap or slide depending on if you want to hit or stand.
Pros – Easy to use controls, allows you to play up to three hands or substitute for AI, good graphics
Cons – Other versions available for free.
Grade – B-
Price – $4
Worth it? If you like multiple hand black jack, if not a free alternative will do.

Game – Chopper
Overview – A side scroller where you control a helicopter tasked with picking up civilians and blowing up baddies. Use the accelerometer to control where you go, and on screen buttons to fire weapons.
Pros – Great movement controls, okay graphics, fun and addicting.
Cons – Wopen controls are awkward, the game was designed as more of an arcade game so it is abnormally hard and you must start from the beginning when you die.
Grade – A
Price – $8
Worth it? I’d say it’s one of the best games on the iPhone.

Game – Dizzy Bee
Overview – Move your iPhone around to control your character through a puzzle trying to collect flowers and avoid bad guys, did I mention your movement controls them too?
Pros – Awesome graphics, smooth controls, tons of levels, very innovative use of platform.
Cons – Sometimes I feel like an ass frantically twisting my phone around in public.
Grade – A+
Price – $3
Worth it? Best use of $3 you’ll ever spend.

Game – Labryinth
Overview – The classic get the ball in the right hole while avoiding the other holes game. Tilt your iPhone to control the ball.
Pros – Demo version available, controls are good for what it is.
Cons – The graphics are plain, it’s painfully hard, and the games menu doesn’t switch when your phone is on it’s side (which is how the game itself it supposed to be played)
Grade – D-
Price – Free demo, $7 for full game.
Worth it? Try the game out for free, if you like it, your either a surgeon or a serial killer.

Game – MotionX Poker Dice
Overview – A Yahtzee type dice game, shake your iPhone to roll the dice, select which ones to hold and roll again. After three rolls if your dice are a higher poker hand than the dealer (the dice either say 9, 10, J, Q, K, or A there are no suits) then you win coins. There are unlockable tables, dice, and achievements.
Pros – Great graphics, plenty of things to unlock, fluent controls, easy to play.
Cons – Only one game mode can get boring after a while, it boils down to luck, no multiplayer
Grade – B+
Price – $5
Worth it? If your looking for something simple to play, and you like these types of games.

Game – Othello
Overview – The classic game on the iPhone! The controls are all touch.
Pros – None.
Cons – To many to list, there isn’t even multiplayer.
Grade – F
Price – Free
Worth it? Not even a little.

Game – Paper Football
Overview – Have you every thought to yourself, man I wish I could play paper football on your phone? Me either.
Pros – Has multiplayer, touch controls are cool.
Cons – No real challenge, marginal graphics, repetitive.
Grade – D+
Price – $5
Worth it? There are better ways to spend your money.

Game – Super Monkey Ball
Overview – Use the accelerometer to get to the end of the level.
Pros – There are monkeys, they are in balls… 2d balls
Cons – Only allows you to save every 10 levels if you ever get that far, the difficulty shoots from baby easy to insane of the course of 3 levels, the controls are way to sensitive
Grade – F+
Price – $10
Worth it? For being so hyped, I’d say stay away.

Game – Tap Tap Revenge
Overview – As music plays hit the falling notes to gain points, uses touch controls.
Pros – Multiplayer, fun, challenging but not too hard, like Gutair Hero or Rock Band, intresting use of online content in a game.
Cons – Not a large selection of music, you can’t use the songs on your iPod
Grade – B
Price – Free.
Worth it? Worth a try, but needs more content.

Game – Texas Hold’em
Overview – The one and only game released by Apple features a wide range of features and sets the standard for games on the platform.
Pros – Great graphics, easy to use touch controls, multiplayer, plenty of modes, really fun.
Cons – First person mode is useless, multiplayer is only available for people on the same network.
Grade – A+
Price – $5
Worth it? If you like Texas Hold’em, this is your best bet.

Game – Zen Pinball: Rollercoaster
Overview – From the makers of  Pinball FX, the pinball game on XBLA, it’s basically the same thing.
Pros – Good graphics, fun, solid pinball game.
Cons – Suffers from frame rate issues, controls are awkward at times, only one table.
Grade – B
Price – $5
Worth it? If you liked the game on XBLA or need a pinball fix on the go then yes, but there’s nothing here to convince you otherwise.

Game – 300 Bowling
Overview – A basic bowling game, the controls allow you to slide your finger across the screen.
Pros – Easy to use controls, has multiplayer
Cons – Even with the difficulty all the way up I find it too easy, getting strikes seem random
Grade – B-
Price – $4
Worth it? As a fan of the game on other mobile platforms, I enjoy it. But there are definitely better games available.

taure takpoupe
taure takpoupe

I haven't seen a comprehensive list of iPhone stuff for a while. It's a little outdated (but lol its from a while ago).