‘Slim’ Chance for new Xbox 360 in 2010

A redesigned slim model of the Xbox 360 is not necessarily a banker for 2010, but 'slim' idea is beneficial for Microsoft's business model.

Bayonetta Demo Impressions

The Japanese store exclusivity didn't stop us. We played the demo even if you couldn't and told you what to expect from this awesome new action title.

SAW The Game: A Media Disaster in the Making?

Doesn't take much to get the Media riled up about video games. Begs the question as to why even give them a match for the fire? Is Konami's title a loaded gun?

Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

In a world where Metal has turned to crap you’re Eddie Riggs, one of the best roadies of all time. Find out if the Brutal Legend demo is Metal enough.

Halo 3: The Nickel & Dime Generation

If you were trying to the think of the most expensive games to play, Rock Band or a monthly fee MMORPG would come to mind. But Halo 3 is right up there too.

Forza 3 Demo Impressions

An arcade racer fan mourning the loss of PGR tries the Forza 3 demo and finds some solace. Is this a racer for everyone?

The Best of Halo: O.D.S.T.

Regardless of whether you know what ODST means, it's Halo which is synonymous with money. But is it worth your money or time? Find out in our review.

‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ Review

The new music game is visually amazing, but is the lack of song choices its downfall?

Transformers 2 The Game/DLC Review

We all know that the movie wasn't all that great (I still cry about it at night sometimes) but how does the game stand up?

Project Needlemouse = 2D Sonic?!

No one's quite sure what Sega's Project Needlemouse is, but could it possibly be a new 2D style Sonic game?

That Old Familiar Feeling: Halo 3 ODST

Another Halo, another day. Good times are a comin'. Make sure you know what you're dropping into when this game lands in a hot LZ.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

The Dark Knight's worst nightmare turns into every fanboy's dream come true. Arkham Asylum is "the one," but what does that mean for everyone on the fence?