Summer of XBLA Review Round Up

Summer of Xbox Live Arcade returned with a bang. We take a look at all five titles and give our honest opinion on where to spend those Microsoft space bucks.

Fable III Continues to Colour in Black & White

Following the announcement of Fable III at GamesCom, we take a look at how Fable has been influenced by Black & White and what this means for the 3rd game.

Lost Planet 2 Demo Impressions

Capcom has got quite the track record coming into this generation. Their first sequel to a new IP is shaping up to be a hot title.

Great Xbox Live Indie Games for 80MSP

If you’ve switched on your Xbox 360 since yesterday, you will have been prompted to download the latest dashboard update we previewed last week. Now out of beta and unleashed to the masses, part of the Fall ...

Batman: Arkham Asylum Impressions

You know about Batman fans. They’re crazy, constantly in denial, and ladies know them to be the most self obsessed men on the planet (and amazing lovers). I am one of them. I could write an entire paragraph ...

Ghostbusters Review (PS3/360/PC)

One of my fondest memories as a child was sitting in the living room, watching Ghostbusters on VHS…sad, right?  Well, truth be told, the film is great, the second installment….eh, not so much.  For ...

Mass Effect 2 Flirts With Permadeath

We take a look at the sequel to Bioware's scifi epic and how they plan to motivate players to keep to the task at hand.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Announced

Over at the Batman: Arkham Asylum game’s official forum, it was announced that a demo will be coming to 360, PS3 and PC on August 7th. That’s a friday, so perhaps PSN will see the demo earlier or if ...

Will User Ratings Help Xbox Live Marketplace?

We take a glimpse at the New Xbox Experience update beta, as well as the prospect of finding new, once unnoticed content thanks to the User Ratings feature.

Gearbox For Halo 4? Not So Fast

UPDATE: The official @HaloWaypoint twitter appear to have confirmed Gearbox are “not working on a Halo title for Microsoft” – Guess that’s that. If one thing a large swathe of the Internet ...

BlazBlue Review

I’ll be the first one to say this: I am a TRUE fighting game freak! Everything from Street Fighter to Smash Brothers is in my Library. It’s looking like 2009 is the year of the fighter with titles like ...

Battlefield 1943 Review

Battlefield 1942 is one of the most played games in my gaming history. For me it was the ultimate World War II game -- the one I compared all others to.