This week The GamerNerdz examine the news week of the controversial Xbox Reveal Event.

Heartbeats and Thermals and Lag, Oh My!

There are some things in Modern Warfare 2 that you don't have to put up with!

Despite recent unrest and a corporate reshuffling at Infinity ward, its good news for fans of long running series Call Of Duty. Not only is there a definite 2010 release of a ‘wholly new game’ but with ...

The Grown-Up Video Game

The idea of “The Grown-Up Video Game” can mean many different things to many different people.

The Split Personality of Story in MW2

Whilst MW2 remains a fully competent sequel, the story might be something of a regression from it's lauded predecessor.

Infinity Ward Sells Out

Infnity Ward shocked PC gamers with their announcement that Modern Warfare 2 would not feature dedicated server support.