The Titans clash it out once again, this time at E3 2013

Microsoft E3 2010 Keynote Breakdown

John takes us through the MS 2010 keynote where hand waving is mandatory.

Kicked Out of E3

Not twenty minutes ago, I get a call on my sleek new Android device from an out of breath staff writer of mine, Jesus Escobar (aka Heretic). He tells me that he has been thrown out (or rather not let in and then ...

Project Natal Officially Renamed Kinect

The 360 Project Natal got it’s official name today at the Microsoft Press Conference’s E3 Keynote. Now called Kinect, and it will hit shelves this holiday season on November 4th, and it’s still ...

New Redesigned Xbox 360 Console Released

Our resident in charge Deftangel posted a while back that there would be NO new Xbox 360 Slim in 2010. Well, the egg is on the other shoe now. A new Xbox 360 is hitting shelves this week, and for the same price as ...

Gears of War 3 – Video Reveal

Gears of War 3 on 360 proves that too much of good thing will probably just make you shout “HOLY CRAP!” There’s probably more new stuff in this five minute demonstration than you could pick apart ...

21 Games Not To Miss At E3

E3 2010 games are in no short supply, but some are sure to stop the show more than others. While the big three companies show off their shiny new hardware and exclusive console features, the developers will take the ...

Natal specific EA Sports Active sequel to be announced at E3?

The announcement of EA Sports Active 2.0 for PS3 and not Xbox 360 only paves the way for a Project Natal specific sequel to be announced at E3.

That Old Familiar Feeling: Halo 3 ODST

Another Halo, another day. Good times are a comin'. Make sure you know what you're dropping into when this game lands in a hot LZ.

Mass Effect 2 Flirts With Permadeath

We take a look at the sequel to Bioware's scifi epic and how they plan to motivate players to keep to the task at hand.