‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ Review

The new music game is visually amazing, but is the lack of song choices its downfall?

Electronic Arts at GamesCom 2009

Electronic Arts didn't have anything new to announce at GamesCom but it sure had a lot to show. Here's a brief rundown of the games from their press briefing.

Mass Effect 2 Flirts With Permadeath

We take a look at the sequel to Bioware's scifi epic and how they plan to motivate players to keep to the task at hand.

Star Wars MMOs – Then and Now

Star Wars fans haven’t exactly been taken care of in the last decade. The only shining light truly being a game called “Knights of the Old Republic” by famed RPG developer, Bioware. It was released in 2003, ...

Battlefield 1943 Review

Battlefield 1942 is one of the most played games in my gaming history. For me it was the ultimate World War II game -- the one I compared all others to.

EA brought their games to the table at E3 2009. Was it enough to challenge everything?

The Simpons Game Review

There have been quite a few Simpons games in the past, none really aimed at gamers. For what its worth this one is a good satire if nothing else.