Sony Qlasp Headphones Review

Good earbuds are hard to come by. I think I lucked out with these though.

Birthday Gaming

In case you were unaware, May 21st has come and will soon go. It brought with it my 21st birthday, allowing me to legally drink and drive (on separate occasions). I also managed to snag these two gifts from Birthday ...

Halo Reach Beta Impressions

So I’ve been playing Halo: Reach’s beta since the cool people were let in on May 3rd (I wasn’t offered nor given a chance to play the beta early like so called “Friends & Family” ...

I started playing World of Warcraft

I made a dwarf rogue on Boulderfist, and I'm still low level (8). Does anyone else that reads this site devote a portion of their life to World of Warcraft?

Life with Final Fantasy

With FFXIII about to hit the shops, I get the feeling that my life is about to get very complicated. Normal, inconvenient everyday things such as eating and washing are about to go out of the window… I’m even ...

No Rest For The Weary

I haven't had much time to do any writing as of late, at least not the sort of writing that I enjoy.

Heavy Rain Drops Today

Heavy Rain comes out today.

Hi, Everybody

Hi all, I'm Nick and new to the game here at Couch Campus.

The ‘Avatar’ of video games indeed

First hour of Mass Effect 2 and it's instantly better than the first game.

Something, something, something ‘Darksiders’

I’m thinking of heading to Gamestop tomorrow and picking up Darksiders for the 360. My only reservation is Bayonetta. I haven’t yet finished that, and from what I saw in the Gametrailers review the ...