Halo, Gears writer Eric Nylund joins Amazon Games Studio

Eric Nylund, esteemed author of Halo: Fall of Reach and writer for both Halo Reach and Gears of War recently left Microsoft Games Studio in July. Where he was headed was a mystery, until today.  This is in ...

Avatar cashes in Halo’s debt to Aliens

There are many similarities between James Cameron film Avatar and Halo, as there were of Halo and Aliens. The relationship of Halo and James Cameron comes full circle.

All About Halo Waypoint

Can’t get enough Halo? Microsoft has the answer. They recently launched a new destination on Xbox LIVE geared towards Halo fans around the world.

That Old Familiar Feeling: Halo 3 ODST

Another Halo, another day. Good times are a comin'. Make sure you know what you're dropping into when this game lands in a hot LZ.

Halo actually started as a strategy game but evolved into an FPS. Does the series have the legs to make its transition to RTS? Not to mention console RTS?

Our resident self proclaimed Halo guru shows us Grunts what the Elite have been playing lately.