History Lesson: Resident Evil

In 1996 we were taken to a zombie-plagued mansion with many secrets in [blippr]Resident Evil[/blippr]. After gaining popularity rapidly, ‘[blippr]Resident Evil: Director’s Cut[/blippr]’ was also released a ...

History Lesson: Sonic and Knuckles

We take a look at the first two video game Bad Asses. No, not Mario & Luigi, what are you, lame? Sonic and Knuckles!

History Lesson: Donkey Kong Country 3

Retro gaming love isn't in short supply at Couch Campus. We take a look at Donkey Kong Country 3 to see how it sized up with the first two classics.

History Lesson: Dragon Ball Z Legends

Very few US gamers even knew this game existed let alone played it. Focusing more on timing and strategy, players were able to relive moments from the show.