Family Sharing may return to the Xbox One

While Microsoft backtracked on its DRM policies earlier today, electing to allow Used Game sales and remove the Always Online requirements, it announced it would also be removing the current model of the ...

The Titans clash it out once again, this time at E3 2013

Xbox 720: Don’t feed the rumors

Some of the next Xbox rumors will undoubtedly be true. "But which ones?", you may ponder. And that's where you need to stop yourself.

Peter Molyneux is leaving Lionhead/Microsoft

"I felt the time was right to pursue a new independent venture."

Microsoft E3 2010 Keynote Breakdown

John takes us through the MS 2010 keynote where hand waving is mandatory.

Pre-E3 Wrap Up

The annual E3 press conference is almost at hand, and the Internet is abuzz with anticipation of the coming announcements. The big three companies will once again meet to showcase the best new games and hardware ...

ODST no longer the only way in to the Halo: Reach beta

UPDATE: Thanks to sil3nttt3mplar, it appears that playing Halo 2 on LIVE in the past is enough to get you an e-mail, at least in his case. We’ll go out on a limb and say that’s a lot of Halo fans who are ...

EDGE Teases ‘Halo: Reach’ Feature for November? [UPDATE, Nope]

Does the back page teaser in November's issue of EDGE magazine hint at Halo: Reach information in its next issue?

Microsoft likes to be first with everything nowadays. They didn’t decide to change the formula with this E3 conference either. They managed to put the ball in everyone else’s court after a Dwight Howard ...

Halo actually started as a strategy game but evolved into an FPS. Does the series have the legs to make its transition to RTS? Not to mention console RTS?

Microsoft RPG Conference Details

Microsoft held a conference last night in Tokyo. Although the announcements were not genre shattering, it is still very good news for RPG fans.