Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2010 Trailer

It looks like E3 has a new contender for late arrivals and frequent showings with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Once again shown to a crowd of expectant gawkers with nothing more than an awesome trailer, The Old ...

I started playing World of Warcraft

I made a dwarf rogue on Boulderfist, and I'm still low level (8). Does anyone else that reads this site devote a portion of their life to World of Warcraft?

Aion: An MMO Tourist’s Perspective

Launched nearly a year ago in South Korea, Aion is now taking aim at western markets. With equal amounts of flash and polish, does Aion really break new ground?

Champions Online: An MMO Tourist’s Perspective

The game community is split over MMOs. Some love them, some hate them. Champions Online might just be the one that brings both camps together.

Find out if casual massive multiplayer online games are worth the five minutes a day you need to put into them.