State of Decay – Will it be The Walking Dead game we’ve wanted?

Not all Zombie Games are created equal.

Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2010 Trailer

It looks like E3 has a new contender for late arrivals and frequent showings with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Once again shown to a crowd of expectant gawkers with nothing more than an awesome trailer, The Old ...

Heartbeats and Thermals and Lag, Oh My!

There are some things in Modern Warfare 2 that you don't have to put up with!

I started playing World of Warcraft

I made a dwarf rogue on Boulderfist, and I'm still low level (8). Does anyone else that reads this site devote a portion of their life to World of Warcraft?

Despite recent unrest and a corporate reshuffling at Infinity ward, its good news for fans of long running series Call Of Duty. Not only is there a definite 2010 release of a ‘wholly new game’ but with ...

April issue of GameInformer reveals Portal 2

GameInformer magazine has the inside scoop on Portal 2 in its April issue.

MCV have the scoop following Disney Interactive Studio’s announcement that forthcoming Black Rock Studio’s all action racing game will be released on May 21st in the UK. All things being equal, that ...

BioShock 2 DLC coming soon

The first add-on for BioShock 2’s multiplayer mode will be released next month. 2K president, Christoph Hartmann has said,  “The fans who waited in the snow, rain and cold for the midnight launch of BioShock 2 ...

Mass Effect 2 Review

The shooter genre has recently been boasting some of the most cinematic games of the generation with the likes of Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. When we last saw Mass Effect, it was still a ...

The ‘Avatar’ of video games indeed

First hour of Mass Effect 2 and it's instantly better than the first game.

Dragon Age: Origins Review

Dragon Age: Origins is BioWare's premiere multiplatform role-playing experience. As a Gray Warden, you champion through the dragon ages to claim victory.

I fully understand that my grievances are meaningless to Blizzard. This does not mean however that there is no merit in making such a statement.