Seriously, Sam?

The 1st Serious Sam didn't push any boundaries when it was new. Since Serious Sam HD has no original content, it's only natural to question its value.

The Split Personality of Story in MW2

Whilst MW2 remains a fully competent sequel, the story might be something of a regression from it's lauded predecessor.

Console Gaming Hits [on] the PC!

The continued success of Microsoft's console business is a sour point for some PC gamers. Many see the growth of the console market as a drain on PC space.

Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Impressions

Just in time for Halloween comes the demo for Left 4 Dead 2. The only question we had was if the game was scary good or frighteningly similar.

Infinity Ward Sells Out

Infnity Ward shocked PC gamers with their announcement that Modern Warfare 2 would not feature dedicated server support.

Microsoft: The Blight of PC Gaming

Microsoft may not seem averse to PC gaming to the casual observer. However on a deeper look it is clear the software giant means to expand its console instead.

Azeroth! Pirates are abound in World of Warcraft.

Aion: An MMO Tourist’s Perspective

Launched nearly a year ago in South Korea, Aion is now taking aim at western markets. With equal amounts of flash and polish, does Aion really break new ground?

Transformers 2 The Game/DLC Review

We all know that the movie wasn't all that great (I still cry about it at night sometimes) but how does the game stand up?

Champions Online: An MMO Tourist’s Perspective

The game community is split over MMOs. Some love them, some hate them. Champions Online might just be the one that brings both camps together.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review

The Dark Knight's worst nightmare turns into every fanboy's dream come true. Arkham Asylum is "the one," but what does that mean for everyone on the fence?

Blizzcon 2009 Coverage

Blizzcon returned and it brought lots of new content for the gaming masses to digest. If you consider yourself one of the Blizzard faithful then keep reading!