Collecting Dust: £110 for God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition

Collector’s Editions of high profile game releases can be something of a mixed bag. For the most part, I’ve found recent offerings haven’t been all that compelling. The two of note I have purchased ...

Devil May Fap – Bayonetta Review

From Devil May Cry to Bayonetta, game designer Hideki Kamiya has created action franchises that define genres. Now, the Devil May Fap.

Game of the Year 2009

Couch Campus discusses the editorial staff's Game of the Year for 2009.

The Split Personality of Story in MW2

Whilst MW2 remains a fully competent sequel, the story might be something of a regression from it's lauded predecessor.

WET Review

What happens when you take game play elements from Tomb Raider, Max Payne, and Uncharted and then "borrow" Quentin Tarantino's best film quirks? You get WET!

God of War 3 Demo Impressions

Henceforth let no school child gaze upon the splendor of antiquity and question "Where did the gods go?" The answer will forever be "Kratos killed them."

Nathan Drake and the Secret of Metascores

Game publishers put a lot of emphasis in critic ratings, but do you? With Uncharted 2 as the example, we highlight the brackets that set games apart.

Sweatin’ Like A Hooker In Church – Uncharted 2 Review

The Playstation 3 has waited for its killer app and has come close so many times. Will this be it? The generation defining title? Or is the hype overpowering its substance?

Bayonetta Demo Impressions

The Japanese store exclusivity didn't stop us. We played the demo even if you couldn't and told you what to expect from this awesome new action title.

SAW The Game: A Media Disaster in the Making?

Doesn't take much to get the Media riled up about video games. Begs the question as to why even give them a match for the fire? Is Konami's title a loaded gun?

Brutal Legend Demo Impressions

In a world where Metal has turned to crap you’re Eddie Riggs, one of the best roadies of all time. Find out if the Brutal Legend demo is Metal enough.

Fat Princess Review

This game isn't just a game about rescuing a big boned woman with your friends, it's an awesome game about rescuing a big boned woman with your friends.