The Titans clash it out once again, this time at E3 2013

Pre-E3 Wrap Up

The annual E3 press conference is almost at hand, and the Internet is abuzz with anticipation of the coming announcements. The big three companies will once again meet to showcase the best new games and hardware ...

PS3 Update Ends 3rd-Party OS Support

On Thursday, April 1, Sony will be releasing their 3.21 Firmware update.

No Rest For The Weary

I haven't had much time to do any writing as of late, at least not the sort of writing that I enjoy.

Collecting Dust: £110 for God of War III Ultimate Trilogy Edition

Collector’s Editions of high profile game releases can be something of a mixed bag. For the most part, I’ve found recent offerings haven’t been all that compelling. The two of note I have purchased ...

Why The Sony PSP Had To “Go”

The PSP Go's lack of a UMD drive is controversial but not surprising. It was a hindrance of the platform, but will new hurdles face the fledgling device?

What the PS3 Slim will do for You and Sony

What will the PS3 Slim do for Sony? At GamesCom today Sony made the big annoucements everybody already knew. A new Playstation 3 was to be released imminently at a slimmed down size and a slimmed price point of $299 ...

Overall, we’ve experienced an abnormal E3 in that neither Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony disappointed us. Overall, even though I’m only invested in the Xbox 360 I was just as pleased with Sony’s ...