Kinect Star Wars Video Review

Ever since 1977, mankind has wished to be a Light Saber wielding Jedi Knight. Kinect Star Wars shows us that no, we really didn't want this.

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It looks like E3 has a new contender for late arrivals and frequent showings with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Once again shown to a crowd of expectant gawkers with nothing more than an awesome trailer, The Old ...

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The Clone Wars cartoon series on Cartoon Network maybe a landmark achievement to some fans, to the rest it's Jedi poo doo. Does Season 2 remedy its flaws?

Star Wars MMOs – Then and Now

Star Wars fans haven’t exactly been taken care of in the last decade. The only shining light truly being a game called “Knights of the Old Republic” by famed RPG developer, Bioware. It was released in 2003, ...