Mens Rea: Video Games and Our Evil Intentions

Is the ability to commit crime without repercussion the reason we play a game?

Controversy and You

I played Saints Row II today. Sure, that is in no way out of the ordinary since I’m gangster as fuck, but today I did something special: I crashed a plane into the skyscraper known as “The Ultor Building”. Not ...

The Grown-Up Video Game

The idea of “The Grown-Up Video Game” can mean many different things to many different people.

Hi, Everybody

Hi all, I'm Nick and new to the game here at Couch Campus.

Violence In Video Games: Modern Warfare 2, The Latest Scapegoat

We've seen what happens when the media goes crazy over sex in video games, but with Modern Warfare 2's controversial terrorist scene, what will happen next?

Charlie Brooker’s GamesWipe a Success

BBC4 airs a one-off television special centering around video games. Charlie Brooker's GamesWipe did a good job of presenting the history and culture.

The Cardinal Sins of Multiplayer Gaming

Why do they do it? Take tall the fun out of playing with others. You've encountered them, dealt with them, been on the same team as them.

The Best Video Game Menu Music of All Time

The Main Menu has been neglected in video games for decades. We take a look at the best video game main menu music of all time. Remember the magic.

Video game plots have progressed from the early days of "save the princess," and some have come to the point of rivaling blockbuster movies in story telling.

Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit – Demo Impressions

Weird to think that the same guys who made Street Fighter IV made a Dragon Ball Z game. How does it compare to the baker's dozen Atari has already shoveled out?