The Legend of Korra 3×11 Reinforces return to form

The Legend of Korra 3x11 Ultimatum just proves how much better this season Korra has been. It's only a shame that TV viewers won't see it.

Return of the King – Game of Thrones Season 3

The plots and schemes! The character deaths! The cinematic battles! It's all back for a third season!

Interview: Behind the Conan O’Brien Rap Anthem

Apost Khan interviews his longtime friend and co-star Asoka in the video sensation that has landed him in some sweet limelight.

TNA Lockdown 2012 Review

On the heels of a quality Victory Road PPV could TNA continue its upward momentum?

WWE Wrestlemania 28 Review

There was a ton of hype surrounding this years Wrestlemania with the return of The Rock to the WWE universe, Taker’s streak on the line in the Hell In The Cell and two excellent looking World Title matches. Did ...

TNA Victory Road 2012 Review

TNA PPV. With all the fixin's.

This Week on Television – May 5-11

Some people hate finals. Other people hate finales. Either way you should catch up on both.

Let the whirlwind that is May begin. Season finales are imminent, and chaos is closing in. Whether we are faced with unexpected deaths, bizarre love affairs, or the seemingly simple everyday, our shows are going to ...

This Week on Television – April 21-27

The whirlwind that is May Sweeps and the lead up to the season finales is about to start, and yet we hardly had a lull before the storm. Not this week anyway. Focused and moving forwards towards their goals, ...

While May Sweeps are approaching quickly, I continue to ask myself, if we aren’t in Sweeps, then how amazing are things going to get as our favouite shows reach their season finales? Again, I find myself ...

Even though May sweeps are still half a month away, most shows will be airing their season finales during that time. That means that even now they are already setting things up for the end of the season, planning ...

This Week on Television – March 31-April 6

March sweeps may be over, but for most shows, that doesn’t mean the quality has dropped now that it is April. It seems like they are planning to delights us all the way until the May sweeps begin, and then ...