FlashForward Season 1 – Where We Stand

FlashForward came back after 3 months of absence with ratings which were not particularly encouraging. That is unfortunate, as the show is, in fact, quite interesting and has a lot of potential.

The premise is that in October, the entire planet blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds, and during that time, while 20 million died, the rest experience a flashforward, a vision of the future. That is, unless, they experienced nothing because they were fated to be dead by April 29th, when the visions all took place. This knowledge was, naturally, devastating for many people.

Mark (Joseph Fiennes) saw himself off-the-wagon drunk while staring at a bunch of clues and then attacked by gunmen; Olivia, his wife (Sonya Wagler), was with another man; Janis (Christine Woods), a lesbian with no desire for children, saw herself quite pregnant; Demetri (John Cho) saw absolutely nothing; Gough (Lee Thompson Young) discovered he’d accidentally killed a woman; Nicole (Peyton List) saw herself being drowned; Simon (Dominic Monaghan) was murdering someone else. There were good visions as well – Aaron (Brian F. O’Byrne)’s daughter was alive, though he thought her dead, and Bryce (Zachary Knighton) met a girl, which prevented him from committing suicide in the present – but regardless of what they saw, it was certainly life altering.

But there was another game changer, when Gough decided to throw himself to his death and prevent his vision from coming true. Although we won’t know until the end of April whether or not the woman he had killed will survive that long, what we do know is that either way he will not be at the meeting he saw himself at. The hope, of course, is that if he could stop his vision from coming true, perhaps Demetri and all the others can as well.

The return of the show, episodes 11 and 12, were game changers as well. Those who caused the blackout – originally suspected to be Lloyd (Jack Davenport) and Simon – have made their presence felt. Turns out that Lloyd and Simon only made the blackout a lot worse than it was supposed to be, which isn’t really going to ease either of their consciouses as Lloyd told gave them the detailed information they wanted rather than allow them to hurt his son and Simon is actually somewhat in with them.

Simon is apparently Suspect Zero, the man seen not uncontentious in a baseball stadium during the blackout. While this is sort of a cool revelation, I wonder what tricked the cameras into showing images that convinced the FBI that the man in the video was about 6′ when Dom Monaghan is 5’7. Well, mistakes are going to happen. But we did learn that his flashforward had already happened – right after the blackout he strangled the man who had killed his father, since he did not have a story of his own to tell.

The new episodes did advance the overall plot, presenting the connection between Simon and the villain (not Flosso, the middleman that Simon killed at the end of the episode, but the man responsible for his father’s death and his sister’s kidnapping – nice job on making a psycho like Simon likable), and telling us more of the details of Mark’s flashforward, which not only allowed him to save Simon and Lloyd, but also showed us what the other shoe which we were waiting to drop is: There will be another blackout!

The only disappointing thing for me was that, because of the later start date, we have passed the day Demetri was supposed to die – March 15 – in our world, but clearly not in theirs. Now we have no idea when that might occur, or when the events of April 29th will play out. Will Demetri die? Will Olivia run off with Lloyd and Mark begin to drink again? What will Simon be doing for those 2 minutes and 17 seconds of the future which has not yet been revealed to him? And will we get to watch enough episodes of the show to find out the answers?

You can follow along from episode to episode with me at Insights of a Television Addict and see how the story develops, and don’t forget to meet me back here at Couch Campus at the end of the season to discuss the season (or series) finale.