Lost Without LOST?

SPOILER WARNING irony: I’ve had it up to here with the show, week to week, and I ain’t gonna stands no more. But the Island has been trying to get me back.

I’ve stuck with Lost ever since I started watching in 2006. I rented the first disc of the show at Blockbuster once. Went back the same day and got the entire first season. Why didn’t I buy it? I was cheap and I had a lot of credit there. Gamerush ftw. But anyway, point is, I started watching during Season 3, what I consider to be the weak link in the show’s history. Season 4 was amazing, left me with a lot of questions and irked me a bit, but it was sound. The fact that the beginning and end were closing into each other with the cast finally getting off the Island gave it a feeling of watching Star Wars in reverse. You know who ends up in the end, but you didn’t know how they got there.

Season 5 introduced a pretty crazy time travel, a theme I hate in my TV shows save Sarah Connor Chronicles.  It’s kinda hard not to do that since your franchise is like, based on it. But Lost was something I was drawn to with its deep character drama, and the mystery of the Island seemed an interwoven subplot that’s taken precedence each season the show has aired. Moreover, doing so I began kicking character building to the curb and was geniuninely curious as to what these people were doing and why they were there, seeing as they obviously had some purpose.

Which brought me to my current dilemma. Each episode was riddled with character enriching (questionably) flash backs, essentially making each show feel like a 20 minute episode. The show has more commercials than I’ve ever seen. It always left me wanting more, but not in a good way. Not in a satisfying way at least. The way the dialogue stretches itself out, the way the characters go in completely different directions with rational observations, or how they make those God awful pauses for a few seconds before saying something completely irrelevant. I just got tired of it – at least every week.

So, I decided to not quit the show, but avoid it. The next being the final season, I knew I wouldn’t be able to wait till late 2010 to begin again, but I could wait a month at least to see the end of this season. It wasn’t the wait, but the avoiding of spoilers that troubled me. I waited for like two years seemingly to see the end of Battlestar Galactica. And that left me with a big “wat” moment. I expect some “wat” along the way with Lost, but if they do anything so full of Deus Ex Machina I will put Lost in Webster’s under “wat.”

So, how is my plan going? Not so good. I’ve been spoiled by friends, family, Amazon reviews, the frontpage of, and I think a pidgeon. But I’m resolute in my plan. There’s plenty of other stuff to watch. I recently got into Kings. Heroes has gotten better, a lot better (not hard), and Dollhouse and Terminator on Fridays give you a reason to – no, no they don’t actually. But they’re worth watching to say the least. I’ve pretty much gone on a complete ABC blackout. Not hard since I never watched ABC before. Ironically I decided to check out Pushing Daisies. Show has a certain Tim Burton esque charm to it. So don’t pity me, just don’t spoil me. And to the writers, Season 6 better not be full of Tom Foolery. When I get back I expect honesty and genuine intrigue. Not misguidance and subterfuge.