With March Sweeps coming to a conclusion this week, it is no surprise that every show did its best to get as many viewers as possible with excellent episodes. Major developments and game changers again grabbed our ...

FlashForward came back after 3 months of absence, with ratings which were not particularly encouraging.

This Week on Television – March 17-23

Though most of the episodes which aired this week (other than the mid-season return of FlashForward) had no reason to be more spectacular that usual – they were not premiering or concluding, they are not going ...

This Week on Television – March 10-16

This week we cover The Mentalist, Caprica, Spartacus and more! Weekly TV reviews of your favorite shows.

We recap Chuck season 3 episodes 1-8 to get you up to speed from the long Olympic hiatus.

Terry O’Quinn talks LOST Season 7, sorta…

LOST actor Terry O'Quinn has his own idea for a spin-off starring himself and co-star Michael Emerson as suburban hit-men.

Caprica – SyFy’s Newest Flagship

Battlestar Galactica fans have more reason to tune into Syfy channel as new series Caprica is a solid scifi adventure for fans and newcomers alike.

Blue Mountain State: Spike Tackles Original Programing

New Spike TV show Blue Mountain State is yet another cable comedy attempting to capitalize on the void of college shows.

What The Chuck: The Spy Is Back To Rescue NBC

Chuck season 3 kicks off with a bang. Were you there to witness it?

Bounty Hunters: Will They Save ‘The Clone Wars’?

The Clone Wars cartoon series on Cartoon Network maybe a landmark achievement to some fans, to the rest it's Jedi poo doo. Does Season 2 remedy its flaws?

New Fall Television: FlashForward

FlashForward began with tremendous hype, being touted as the next Lost. So did it live up to the hype or did it end up being lame like Heroes?

New Fall Television: The Vampire Diaries

Will this be good like True Blood or Buffy The Vampire Slayer? Does it suck beyond belief like Twilight? Or does it land somewhere in between?