Fall 2009 Season Premieres

We give our opinion on the latest Fall 2009 season premieres. Did your favorite show make the cut? Do you even HAVE a favorite show? Maybe this post can help.

Fall TV Preview: The Good, The Average & CBS

You can't watch everything on TV, not without your GPA hitting rock bottom faster than Mischa Barton. Let us break down what's worth your time and what's not.

Television Addiction: How It’s Made

Since the dawn of time, the television has entertained caveman from around the world… I think. And since then, everyone has found a certain show or program that they have been addicted to and watch religiously day ...

Top 20 TV Series on Hulu – Part One

Hulu launched last year, and with it came the modernization of watching TV shows online. No more having to go to each individual network’s site, or having to pay for services like Netflix. In fact, Hulu offers ...

Top 5 Netflix Instant Watch Television

The continuation of our Top 5 Netflix posts With the price of many TV seasons being about $40 you must ask, “How many times will I really watch this?” Once every few years? Is it worth the price of ...

In Memoriam: Kings

We lament the cancellation of the most kingly show on Network Television and NBC's most engaging character drama to date.

I've had it up to here with the show, week to week, and I ain't gonna stands no more. But the Island has been trying to get me back.

What's wrong with Kings? Find out if this show is a Prince or a Pauper.