This Week on Television – April 21-27

The whirlwind that is May Sweeps and the lead up to the season finales is about to start, and yet we hardly had a lull before the storm. Not this week anyway. Focused and moving forwards towards their goals, particularly Supernatural, we got the impression of the upcoming course, and we are excited to follow it.

Supernatural: Hammer of the Gods – Although the Trickster (Richard Speight Jr.) turned out to be an Archangel, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) were on the right track when they wanted to seek help from other gods to stop the Apocalypse. Unfortunately, even Kali (Rekha Sharma) was no match for Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino). While she escaped with Sam and Dean, Gabriel confronted his brother, and lost. A worthy death, after so many escapes, but I will miss him. And before he died…well, actually, technically after he died… he revealed to our boys how they might lure Lucifer back into Hell. Rock on.

Bones: The Predator in the Pool – While Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) have gone their separate romantic ways and are pursuing other romantic possibilities, their crime solving abilities have become far more interesting. A man was murdered and then devoured by sharks in a public aquarium, with hundreds of witnesses who saw absolutely nothing. But leave it to “King of the Lab” Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) and Clark “I’m never distracted from my work” (Eugene Byrd) to find the clue that  breaks open the case. Isn’t it delightful when forensics are used right?

The Mentalist: Blood Money – It may have been because he was betrayed, but I was thrilled beyond understanding that Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) finally suffered real consequences because of his inappropriate methods. His illegal investigation techniques let a murderer walk, and even though, in the end, they caught the man who had ordered the hit, he had been able to kill his hired man. Jane’s mistake cost a man his life…good thing that man was a psychopathic serial killer, so we don’t care too much.

Stargate Universe: Human – What could be better than a Rush (Robert Carlyle)-centric episode with guest appearance by Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks)? Watching Rush relive the memories of his wife’s death while desperately searching for the answer to the Destiny is exactly the reason I got into watching science fiction in the first place. The in depth look at his mind, the understanding of its fragility, and the strength he must have to go on all increase our love for Dr. Rush, even if he isn’t always the most well behaved. Now if only they could find a way for us to like Col. Young (Justin Louis).

The Pacific: Part 7 – Intense and stressful situations make men fast friends for life, but that isn’t saying much when their lives are likely to be cut short at any moment. To say this episode was more bloody than any other would be false, but, for the first time, we were given the opportunity to develop strong feelings for some of the men, only to be crushed shortly thereafter by their quick and pointless deaths. How many good men die in war, how many good men are lost to us so easily? The Pacific perfectly draws out the feeling that we never want to see a war like that again.

Chuck: Chuck vs the Honeymooners – Since Chuck (Zachary Levi) and Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) have committed to a They Will, the show can now go forward focusing on other things that this forbidden love. But first, they had to decide whether they were going to run off together, or remain a spy couple. They had the perfect amount of passion after all those years of holding back, but even more amusing was their complete loss of it when they quit the spy life. Don’t worry, they realized their mistake and now, as a couple, they will face the dangers of the world and protect those they love.

Glee: Home – Despite its cheesiness, despite its ridiculousness, Glee is incredibly popular and it is using that popularity to send a message to all those who watch it. You are beautiful already, stop trying to change yourself to fit someone else’s bs ideas. The highlight of the episode was when Mercedes (Amber Riley), who had been starving herself, began seeing her friends dressed in food costumes. Nothing so ridiculous and fun as seeing people dressed as cakes, cupcakes and ice cream cones.

V: Heretic’s Fork – Back to bland, this week’s episode didn’t maintain last week’s achievement. For some reason, Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell) seemed incapable of enumerating the bad things the V had done. Sure, it made sense when she didn’t tell her son, whom she is trying to protect by keeping ignorant, but she could say nothing to their prisoner either. And he was going to have to die already, since he had heard the use of Joshua’s name as their ally. Which just tells you how incapable this resistance is. We’re all going to be killed or enslaved by the V, so let’s get used to the idea.

And that was what happened this week. With so few episodes left of the season, which season finale are you most excited about?

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