This Week on Television – March 24-30

With March Sweeps coming to a conclusion this week, it is no surprise that every show did its best to get as many viewers as possible with excellent episodes. Major developments and game changers again grabbed our attention, regardless of whether the show was returning from a break, going into one, or just regular middle of the season fare. I can only hope that the momentum will carry until the finales.

Supernatural: Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid – With the Apocalypse in full swing, we have already met War and Famine, but, despite the difficulty Lucifer went through to raise Death from the earth just before Christmas, only now has he come to make things difficult on our boys. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) arrive in Sioux Falls, near where Bobby (Jim Beaver) lives, to discover that Zombies have been rising to live in harmony with the humans, and one of them is Bobby’s wife. Unfortunately, the harmony only lasts about 5 days before a hunger turns to Zombies into their flesh-eating selves, and the guys had to shoot a whole lot of people to save Bobby. Turns out death was after him, hoping to kill him or at least crush his spirit, so that he would no longer help Sam and Dean. The biggest problem is that, as Bobby had to kill his wife again, it may have worked. Death, unlike War and Famine, doesn’t appear to just be out for himself. And if he unites the 4 Horsemen, well, let’s just say that Sam and Dean are running out of time if they want to stop the end of the world.

FlashFoward: Blowback – This week’s FlashForward put a great emphasis on Aaron Stark (Brian F O’Byrne) and his daughter, Tracy (Genevieve Cortese). Aaron, when chatting with a former army buddy of Tracy’s, flat out tells the guy that his daughter is still alive and is staying at his house. Moron. Naturally, Tracy is kidnapped right after this, forcing Aaron to take action and go after Jericho – the company out to kill his daughter. What any of this has to do with the blackout, I can’t say, and I am beginning to care even less. Other events of the episode included Demetri (John Cho) and Zoey (Gabrielle Union) getting into a fight, the gun which is going to kill him disappearing, and Janis (Christine Woods) signing up at a fertility clinic. Despite Janis’s being a lesbian, I really want to have her have sex with a man next week, and get pregnant that way. This show is lacking in sex, and that may be why the ratings continue to flag and the likelihood of renewal to plummet.

Spartacus: Party Favors – Ilithyia (Viva Bianca) may have lost her mind last week, but her desire for vengeance against Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) is as present as ever, and this week she won a great victory against him. She seduced a young Roman, whose birthday was to be celebrated at the ludus with a fight between Spartacus and Crixus (Manu Bennett), and convinced him to change Spartacus’ opponent to his best friend, Varro (Jai Courtney). Then, when Spartacus won, the young man condemned his opponent to die, forcing Spartacus to kill the only friend he had. He had the strength to go on after the death of his wife because of the fate she said the Gods had in store for him, but how will be go on now that he has murdered his best friend? Well played, Ilithyia, well played.

Caprica: End of Line – Were the events of this episode enough to make you dizzy with anticipation for the return of the show…whenever it is that it will return? I’m not sure it was enough for me. Amanda (Paula Malcomson) has curried enough favour with me for me to want to know whether she has survived her attempt at suicide, though, if she has not, the show will have killed off yet another interesting character, and left the boring ones alive. Like Joseph Adama (Esai Morales), who was killed in V-world by his daughter, after she shot herself, so that he would believe she was gone and so that he could no longer search for her. He spent how much time trying to find her, and that was the pay off? Thanks for wasting my time. And that Clarice (Polly Walker) did survive the car bomb should not have already been revealed to us! The only thing I was really excited about was that this episode had the first death of a human by a Cylon hand – clearly the Cylons weren’t programmed with the 3 basic robot laws.

The Pacific: Part 3 – Apparently, being on leave in Melbourne can be just as emotionally scarring as fighting in the dark in the middle of the Pacific. Getting a brief respite from the fighting, the heroic Marines met women, won medals, made marry, and ended up going back to war with only their bodies particularly restored. Bob Leckie (James Badge Dale) fell in love with a beautiful young woman, but she broke it off before he left because she did not want to have to suffer his death. There’s a reason to keep living. John Basilone (Jon Seda) is at least better off. Separated from his friends, he and his Medal of Honour get to go back to the USA to sell war bonds, a proud job for a soldier to have. I wonder what will happen to get him sent back into the fray. Still, it was nice to not spend an episode cringing because we did not know who was going to die.

Chuck: Chuck vs the American Hero – What an episode! Chuck (Zachary Levi) goes full force to win back Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), but nothing he did spoke so well for him as when he locked her in the Castle to protect her when he went off to save Shaw (Brandon Routh), his rival, from the Ring. Too bad that by the time he got there, Shaw had already been shown a horrible video revealing that the person who had murdered his wife was Sarah! And, as the episode ended, Sarah went with Shaw on a mission, without being able to contact Chuck and tell him that she wanted to join him at the station to disappear into places unknown, but would be temporarily delayed. Next episode, Chuck will go after them, but how will it all play out? Talk about nail-biting excitement!

Castle: Boom! – Last week, the episode ended as Kate Beckett (Stana Katic)’s apartment exploded, with her inside. Castle (Nathan Fillion) ran to her rescue, breaking down her door, and found her alive, in her bathtub, and naked. Nothing better to cut the tension of a potential death than a woman annoyed that a man might see her exposed. And so the search for the serial killer was back on. He turned out to be a fan of writing, hence the obsession with Nikki Heat, and he was annoyed that his script had not worked out the way he intended. Kidnapping the FBI agent assigned to the case, he lured Beckett and Castle to some abandoned warehouses. Too bad for him that Castle is such a good writer, and figured out his game because that was what would have made the best story. With so many procedurals out there, Castle stands apart with its terrific literary flair. There was no question that it would be renewed for a third season, which it was after the ratings for this episode were higher than any other in this timeslot on ABC for the last 14 years.

V: Welcome to the War – After a long break, V is back to try to win us with its alien invasion story line. We’ve got a freaky alien/human pregnancy, our priest has been injected with a tracking device which may also have DNA adapting abilities, and Anna (Morena Baccarin) just laid an army. Too bad that the last 5 seconds of the episode, when she killed her mate to feed their young, was so cheesy. If only they weren’t so afraid of going there, to that mystical science fiction place where you revel in the bizarreness, rather than shy away from it. Still, the show has great potential, more than FlashForward in my opinion. The War has apparently begun, so let’s see some action!

If this past week is anything to go on, I am very excited about upcoming episodes. Let me know how you are enjoying these series, and you can always go to ??? for more detailed commentaries.