This Week on Television – May 5-11

By the time you read this (and I apologize for the delay), finale season will be well under way. Supernatural concluded its 5th season, and Castle and V will both do so at the beginning of next week. We will soon be left only with summer TV – luckily, the selection continues to improve significantly. But before we get there, let’s take a look at the shows that aired between May 5th and May 11th, many of which were the penultimate episodes of the season.

Happy Town: I Came to Haplin for the Waters – Although the ratings were not what ABC wanted – so much so that after the third episode aired on the 12th, the remaining 5 episodes of the season were bumped until after May Sweeps – Happy Town has done an excellent job presenting itself as a bizarre and mysterious little show. I intend to stick around for the entire run, with the promise that the Magic Man will be revealed by the end, and hope to get as many answers as possible in that little space of time. Also, what is the deal with the crazy bird and the wild boar hammer?

Supernatural: Two Minutes to Midnight – In one episode, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) had to defeat and acquire the rings of the two remaining Horsemen. Though on a timeline, I still felt that both Horsemen received adequate attention, and particularly loved Death, whose resentment against Lucifer had him giving up his ring without a fight. Really, it was the only solution that made any sense – Death cannot be defeated. One day, even Sam and Dean will have to remain dead.

Bones: The Witch in the Wardrobe – Bones is like that boyfriend (or girlfriend) who keeps failing, but whom for whatever reason you keep giving chances to. And he (or she) always manages to get back in your good graces, but, if you stopped to think about it, you know he (or she) has not improved for good. This episode combined an interesting case surrounding witches with a long-awaited reconciliation between Hodgins (T. J. Thyne) and Angela (Michaela Conlin). As delightful as it was, I remain wary of the episodes remaining and am uncertain I will be back in the Fall.

The Mentalist: 18-5-4 – Another once beloved series that is sitting on my personal bubble, The Mentalist seems to ave stopped using its many resources, and focusing only on Patrick Jane (Simon Baker). Again, Jane taunted and tricked the suspects, again he used a clever ploy to reveal the murderer, and again he showed just how brilliant he is. The way things are going, why both have anyone else work the case? Jane’s doing it all, and I’m getting bored.

Stargate Universe: Sabotage – Here is one show that does continue to rise in my estimation. In Sabotage, Col. Young (Justin Louis) finally did something that made me not entirely hate him: he planned to sacrifice himself to save the rest of the crew. Granted, it was a stupid choice considering he is supposedly their best leader, but at least he did something that was worthy of respect…not that he had to go through with it. Still, Young is not a complete waste anymore, and use of the communication stones to introduce interesting and useful characters from Earth is a far more valuable use of time than what was going on before.

The Pacific: Part 9 – Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, they did. I’m just glad that The Pacific didn’t feel the need to show us what it was like to be in a POW camp; I guess they figured Bridge on the River Kwai covered it. In the final major campaign, we saw more raw recruits die uselessly, more because of mistakes or stupidity than by any clever tactics of the enemy. Not that I needed to see more of those clever tactics – watching one woman, holding her baby, explode because of the dynamite strapped to her chest was enough, thank you. With only one more episode in the miniseries, I can only hope that by the end I will be able to regain my sense of being whole.

Chuck: Chuck vs the Tooth –  In this episode where the Intersect wrecked havoc with Chuck (Zachary Levi)’s mind, we learnt 3 significant things. 1. Christopher Lloyd should always be referred to as Doc, 2. Daniel Shaw (Brandon Routh) may still be alive, and 3. The Intersect may end up giving Chuck permanent brain damage. Way to raise the stakes on this fantastic show, which has been renewed for a 4th season.

Castle: Overkill – The reason the love triangle between Castle (Nathan Fillion), Beckett (Stana Katic), and Demming (Michael Trucco) works so well is because all three have great chemistry. I loved watching Castle and Demming compete with their theories on who committed the murder. Even better that it turned out both were right. The tension is going to come to a head in the upcoming season finale, and I just hope I am not left with that unbearable feeling when you know you have to wait 4 months before finding out what is going to happen next!

V: Fruition – Although Anna (Morena Baccarin) has not yet devoured a gerbil, and may never do so, her lack of humanity was quite apparent in the damage she did to her own daughter, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort). I suppose there are some humans who might harm their children in a similar manner, knowing they could so easily be healed, but we would consider them equally inhuman. Luckily, it may be an act in our favour since it clearly destroyed much of the loyalty Lisa still had for her mother. She is 5th Column now, and that is a great thing! We will get to see how that plays out not only in Tuesday’s season finale, but in Season 2 as V has been officially renewed!

Glee: Laryngitis – The highlight of this week’s Glee was watching Kurt (Chris Colfer) transform himself from his confidently-flaming actual persona into a very hetero redneck. The shift in physicality, in his voice, was incredible to see. Kurt was suddenly a very different person. Apparently Glee doesn’t just allow actors to show off their singing talent, but also their versatility as actors.

So, stayed glued to the TV as your favourite shows reach their seasonal conclusions, and let me know which you will miss the most!