Television Addiction: How It’s Made

Since the dawn of time, the television has entertained caveman from around the world… I think. And since then, everyone has found a certain show or program that they have been addicted to and watch religiously day in and day out. For me, that show is called “How It’s Made” and you can find it on the Science Channel Fridays at 8 pm (PST).

The show’s premise is pretty simple; they show you how things are made. In each show, you’ll witness before your very eyes how three of four different everyday objects are made. Here’s a link from How It’s Made: Banjos

That’s just one of MANY different things that they show. They range from nails to instrument to food to motorcycles… pretty much anything and everything. Ever wondered how a hat is made? Or soap? Maybe even tape that we use everyday? You’ll see the step by step process and appreciate things a little more after you see all the hard work that goes into making the simplest things in life. We take all those things for granted and it’s refreshing to see something different in a world filled with reality tv shows or horrible tv drama. If it isn’t Halo, it probably sucks… but this doesn’t!

It’s all edutainment and if you’re looking for drama, comedy, action, or thrills, go somewhere else because you won’t find it here. Check it out and write me a two-page report on the following episode. I’ll be expecting it next Monday.

I'd like to know How Halo's Made...SO AWESOME!

you know how I know you're gay? you watch the science channel. lol! just messing with ya. good job