The Titans clash it out once again, this time at E3 2013

This week The GamerNerdz examine the news week of the controversial Xbox Reveal Event.

Just how good can a video game really be?

Halo 4: First Look – Things you may have missed

The Battle Rifle is back, the health is gone, and the graphics are better than ever. But that's not all.

Microsoft E3 2010 Keynote Breakdown

John takes us through the MS 2010 keynote where hand waving is mandatory.

Donkey Kong Country Returns – E3 Gameplay

Have you ever been so irate you wanted to hurl a barrel at someone? Me neither, but I've wanted to.

Kirby: Epic Yarn – E3 Gameplay

Three days ago, if you told me that Retro Studios–makers of famed Metroid Prime series–was going to make to be making a cutesy little 2D sidescrolling Kirby game about yarn, I would’ve believed ...

Marvel vs Capcom 3 – E3 Gameplay

How long did it take for Capcom to give us a straight answer about Marvel vs Capcom 3? You have to give them much props though on this account. Finally a Japanese developer that is having some good ideas in regards ...

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword E3 Gameplay

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword might not have had the best debut (or best name) but you don’t get to choose who or what you love. It featured the gameplay and design choices that most gamers had expected ...

Voyce and Kaleena Jay sound off for the GamerNerdz video review of [blippr]Battlefield Bad Company 2[/blippr].

The Gamernerdz return–well, just DINX so it’s not quite as epic–to review [blippr]Tatsunoko vs Capcom[/blippr] for the Nintendo Wii. Check it.

GamerNerdz – Bayonetta Review

Our friends over at GamerNerdz have posted their video review of one of our favorite Sega games, Bayonetta. Check it out below.