Kirby Epic Yarn Castle
Kirby: Epic Yarn – E3 Gameplay

Kirby Epic Yar E3 Gameplay

Three days ago, if you told me that Retro Studios–makers of famed Metroid Prime series–was going to make to be making a cutesy little 2D sidescrolling Kirby game about yarn, I would’ve believed you. I would’ve believed you so much that it’d made sense. The only thing that I wouldn’t have believed was how awesome it looked. I heard rumors about a new Kirby game, but when E3 comes around, I tend to plug my ears when it comes to Nintendo conference news. Desperation is a horrible thing for fans, and it takes root so quickly and easily that one will believe almost anything. Well, this year Nintendo turned desperation on its own head into inspiration. We have a short video of Kirby: Epic Yarn’s epic gameplay.