Xbox’s Loss is Wii’s Gain in Germany


When it comes to console wars, two names that which pop up are Xbox and Wii. These two have been among the biggest players in console technology. Xbox is from the United State’s Microsoft while Wii is a creation of Japanese company Nintendo, a clear sign that these two will remain rivals as long as the other one keeps standing. Between Wii and Xbox, the latter is currently making the louder noise as it has launched the new and improved Xbox One. However, in Germany, Microsoft is having a bad start as the government puts its sales on hold. In effect, Wii became a more preferred console as Xbox One struggles.

On May 28, eBay Germany dropped Xbox One because of privacy concerns. They then chose to promote Wii U. A listing of products to be promoted by eBay was revealed through a print screen posted on the company’s Facebook page. There, it promotes Wii U as a console that has no used games blocking, no mandatory online connection, and no crap. Germany’s Federal Data Protection was among those who expressed doubt over Xbox One’s privacy features. Commissioner Peter Schaar said that it is disturbing to have Xbox One recording one’s personal information, process them on an external server, and possibly be passed to third parties. “The fact that Microsoft is now spying on my living room is just a twisted nightmare,” the commissioner told the Der Spiegel. Xbox One is a flagship product of Microsoft, and what the German official and other disgusted customers feel about the console must be addressed right away or else, the console will be completely dominated by Wii (not to mention Playstation).

Xbox has been very busy these past months just to satisfy gamers. Last January, the American company announced free-to-play poker games for Xbox and Windows 8 platforms. The card games will be available by the end of spring and will be built on Xbox Live. Arcade entry Full House Poker will be featuring new game modes and real world casinos. The poker games will also have the capability to let players go against real competitors online through Xbox 360 or Windows 8 platforms. This would be a great marketing strategy taken by Microsoft. Websites like partypoker are among the biggest games today. Many people are falling in love not with just social media poker but also with real-money games. In Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and other European cities, poker is one of the biggest online games. Once F2P poker games on Xbox are launched, the console will gain a solid fan base. Poker enthusiasts can somehow use Xbox to train before they battle in real poker tables.

The fiasco that Xbox is currently conjuring especially in Germany may be temporary. The console has been in the industry for more than one decade and it definitely has answers to consumers’ doubts. For now, enjoy your games on the old consoles you have.